Introducing Yogi Mandhi: A Journey of Resilience, Transformation, and Yogic Passion

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[Tampa, FL. Sept 28, 2023] — Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Yogi Mandhi, a dedicated yogi and entrepreneur with a mission to spread the joys of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. With a profound dedication to her craft and an unwavering commitment to self-discovery, Yogi Mandhi has transformed her own life and is now on a mission to empower others to embrace wellness and self-care through her private yoga booking service.

Yogi Mandhi's journey began at the age of 18 when she first discovered the transformative power of yoga. As a former cheerleader and gymnast, she was drawn to the stretching and breathing components of yoga. Inspired by her passionate first yoga instructor, Yogi Mandhi embarked on a lifelong yogic journey. Her love for yoga led her to become a substitute yoga teacher at Shapes gym.

As life unfolded, Yogi Mandhi found herself balancing motherhood, a full-time teaching job, and her deep love for yoga. She even taught yoga to her fellow coworkers and staff members after school to fund her yoga training. After six years of teaching elementary students, she realized the need to delve deeper into her practice to find balance amidst the challenges life threw her way.

Her path took a transformative turn when she experienced a spiritual awakening amid a traumatic divorce, family issues, and work-related challenges. Yogi Mandhi decided to put her teaching career on hold, pursue a Master's degree, and simultaneously create her private yoga booking service.

Over the past five years, Yogi Mandhi has dedicated herself to teaching private yoga, corporate yoga, and hosting special events. Her mission is to share the profound benefits of yoga with individuals, small groups, businesses, and even at corporate retreats. Notably, her popular "Bachelorette Yoga" sessions have brought wellness and mindfulness to unique settings.

Yogi Mandhi's vision extends beyond her own practice. She is actively hiring yoga instructors in four different cities, aiming to support other yogis in making a living by teaching private yoga and living a fulfilling life.

Reflecting on her journey, Yogi Mandhi acknowledges that entrepreneurship and relying solely on herself were not always easy. She took on side jobs to make ends meet, demonstrating her unwavering determination to achieve her dreams. She also learned valuable lessons about the challenges of running a business, including dealing with slow months and difficult students.

Yogi Mandhi stands out for her specialization in personalized private yoga and yoga therapy sessions. She brings the transformative power of yoga and meditation into workplaces through weekly sessions and chair yoga. Additionally, she adds a touch of creativity and fun by hosting events like bachelorette parties and birthday celebrations.

Her dedication to her craft is evident in her extensive training, including two trips to India to obtain her 500 RYT certification with revered teachers, including her Guru Sri Soham. Yogi Mandhi's journey has also been influenced by mentors, authors like Paramahansa Yogananda and Patanjali, and supportive friends and family.

Yogi Mandhi's ultimate goal is to make wellness accessible to all. She encourages individuals to make time for self-care, embrace self-love, and explore their capabilities through yoga and meditation. Her mission is to unite mind, body, and soul, fostering compassion, self-awareness, and motivation.

In the words of Yogi Mandhi herself, "Yoga brings you into the present moment; the only place where life exists."

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About Yogi Mandhi

Yogi Mandhi, LLC, is a mobile wellness-focused booking service providing services in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. A business founded by a passionate yogi who has been recently accepted into the University of Tampa's Spartan Incubator Program for the 2023-2024 school year. In this entrepreneurial based program for Alumni’s, Yogi Mandhi plans to expand her booking service, specializing in personalized private yoga therapy, corporate wellness programs, and hosting special events and retreats. Yogi Mandhi aims to empower individuals and organizations to embrace mindfulness, self-care, and holistic well-being. With a mission to make yoga accessible to all, Yogi Mandhi invites you to explore your inner self and discover the transformative power of yoga and meditation with private and corporate yoga sessions!