Introducing The Bosses Table: A Global Networking Platform for Entrepreneurs

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Jacksonville, FL - July 20, 2023 -The Bosses Table is proud to announce its official launch, a revolutionary networking platform founded by the visionary Tiffany Overby. Joining the platform, entrepreneurs from around the world are invited to experience the power of virtual networking. As Tiffany Overby, the founder, and CEO of The Bosses Table, stated, "We welcome all business owners to join us at The Bosses Table and experience the unparalleled power of networking."

With a mission to provide business owners with a collaborative community, The Bosses Table aims to create a space where entrepreneurs can connect and cultivate relationships with like-minded individuals. As Overby expressed, "There is always a seat for you at the Bosses Table."

The platform's unique virtual meet and greet events have already gained significant attention and participation from business owners locally and nationally. According to Overby, "Our first Virtual Meet & Greet in February 2023 was an amazing success, and we plan to continue hosting virtual events once a month."

In addition to the virtual gatherings, The Bosses Table has also scheduled in-person networking events to further support local businesses and foster deeper connections among entrepreneurs. Overby shared the vision behind these events, stating, "We will support local businesses by patronizing restaurants with dining in and breaking bread with one another, at a real table."

The venue and date for these in-person events will change each month, providing an exciting and dynamic experience for participants. Overby emphasized, "The RSVP list is limited, so don't wait until it's too late."

Heading the core team at The Bosses Table are seasoned professionals, each contributing valuable expertise to the platform. According to Overby, "We have a team of dedicated individuals, including Carolyn Jenkins-Meekins as Chief Operating Officer, Vania Moncayo as Chief Innovative Officer, Yacnara Rodriguez as Chief Administrative Officer, and Antwoine Overby as the Creative Director of Entertainment."

The Bosses Table's vision extends beyond geographical boundaries, seeking to unite entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide. Overby envisions a global community of entrepreneurs collaborating and creating impactful ventures together.

About The Bosses Table:

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, The Bosses Table is an innovative networking platform founded by Tiffany Overby. As the platform grows, so does its commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering meaningful connections.

To join the network and claim a seat at the table, entrepreneurs can visit and register for upcoming events. For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact:

Tiffany Overby

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